On March 10, 2012 SSG Bales left his Village Stability Platform (VSP) to investigate what he believed to be Taliban activity. What followed was a tragic event, the consequence of a perfect storm of circumstances. The outcome left 16 Afghanis dead and other Afghanis injured. SSG Bales took the entire blame for the horrible event and is currently serving a life, without parole, sentence. It is too simplistic to blame one individual for that event and too great of a punishment for any one soldier to face. That is why he is asking for your help. He is trying to raise $260,000 for legal fees so that he can show in his appeals that he deserves clemency and someday he can return to his family and be a husband to his wife and a father to his children.

The circumstances that led up to that horrible event are as follows:

First, it was SSG Bales intent to stop the Taliban from placing Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), it was NOT his intent to harm innocent civilians. There is no doubt the intermediaries around the VSP were dangerous; soldiers at the VSP were constantly being attacked and wounded from enemy action. Both of these facts are agreed upon by the prosecution (see the Stipulation of Fact Document). The compounds where SSG Bales committed his acts in both villages had been used by the Taliban to conduct attacks against Americans. The compound located to the north of the VSP had been used by enemy fighters to take refuge during joint operation (see Clemency Request 1105/1106 Submission Line 28) The compound, in the southern village of Naja Bien had been used as a trigger point for a 160 pound IED and a subsequent southern compound had been used as a cache site for a Lee Enfield Bolt Action Sniper rifle and a satellite phone. (see Clemency Request 1105/1106 Submission Line 30 and 31)

Second, SSG Bales had been deployed on four separate occasions for a total of 41 months over an 8 1/2 year period in hostile fire combat zones while serving as an infantryman and sniper, he had been blown up, in at least, 9 separate IED attacks in vehicles he was riding in. Prior to his fourth deployment the Madigan Army Medical Center diagnosed him with moderate to severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). SSG Bales also suffered from migraine headaches and sleep apnea due to his combat experiences.  (see Clemency Request 1105/1106 Submission Line 11)    

As tragic as these crimes were the mission in Afghanistan did not suffer as a result  (see Enclosure 12 of the Clemency Request 1105/1106 Submission link).  America, through our elected officials, has decided that part of our national healing process on the war on Afghanistan includes releasing hundreds of Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters, free on their own cognition. These individuals, motivated by hatred and acting out of calculation and deliberateness, engaged in illegal arm conflict and committed war crimes and atrocities in their own right. Part of the logic in releasing these prisoners was because they were assessed to not pose a threat any longer. However, as of January 2014 at least 614 detainees had been released from Guantanamo Bay. They are being released without any rehabilitation or even accepting responsibility for their terrorism. They are being placed back into the same environment that they committed their heinous atrocities (see Enclosure 14 of the Clemency Request 1105/1106 Submission link). In comparison SSG Bales would return to his family, far away from the war environment in which he committed his crimes. He has taken responsibility for his actions and is seeking rehabilitation. 

So the question is, doesn't SSG Bales deserve at least the same treatment that the American government has already given to some of the world's worst terrorists?

If you can help, Robert, and his family, will be truly grateful. The legal fees and expenses are difficult to pay for; any amount will help. Please consider donating to SSG Robert Bales Defense Fund, you can donate via PayPal:

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SSG Robert  Bales Legal Defense Fund
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